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nuclear jobs
Career Centre

Looking for a nuclear job?

  • A wide range of national and international nuclear jobs for professionals (nuclear engineering, radioactive waste management, project management, safeguards, safety, etc)
  • Renowned international recruiters from the nuclear power sector (Areva US, Tractebel Belgium, Nuclear Technologies UK, etc)
  • Our plus: we monitor nuclear vacancies at prestigious international organisation (IAEA, NEA, EBRD, etc)

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Looking for staff?

  • is a unique portal for the nuclear industry with a worldwide audience (45% Europe, 45% US, 10% Asia), made of active and passive job seekers
  • Our clients include the most renowned nuclear companies: Areva NP, Areva NC, Westinghouse, AECL, EDF, BNFL, etc.'s Career Centre - The place to look for the best jobs in the Nuclear Industry
photo, courtesy of Areva NP
  • Our plus: We recognise that posting jobs on various websites can be time consuming... you can send your job postings by email or ask us to reproduce your own website data

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