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North America

Canada narrows repository site search
WNN, 26/06/2017

USA - Senate confirms nuclear chief Svinicki to new 5-year term
ABC News, 26/06/2017

USA - Environmental groups challenge TVA nuclear reactor plan
Sacramento Bee, 25/06/2017

US court blocks WCS sale
WNN, 23/06/2017

USA - Perry speaks out for Yucca Mountain
WNN, 23/06/2017

USA - Three Mile Island operator takes another step toward closing nuclear plant
PennLive, 23/06/2017

Nuclear Can Be Friends With Renewables—If It’s Modular
Greetech Media, 23/06/2017

Canadian siting studies for commercial IMSR
WNN, 22/06/2017

USA - Perry cites ‘moral obligation’ to build Yucca nuclear waste site
The Hill, 20/06/2017

USA - Yucca Mountain funding a bright spot for Republicans Trump's budget
Washington Examiner, 20/06/2017

USA - House passes tax bill to boost nuclear power
Washington Examiner, 20/06/2017

USA - Spate of nuclear power plant closures could be start of full-fledged crisis
Washington Examiner, 19/06/2017

Canadian government called on to reaffirm nuclear support
WNN, 16/06/2017

Canada - Point Lepreau nuclear power plant gets 5-year licence renewal, 16/06/2017

What the U.S. can learn from Finland on how to bury nuclear waste
Las Vegas Sun, 15/06/2017

USA - DOE invests $66 million in advanced nuclear technologies
WNN, 15/06/2017

USA - House panel votes to extend tax credit for nuclear power
The Hill, 15/06/2017

How Retiring Nuclear Power Plants May Undercut U.S. Climate Goals
NYT, 13/06/2017

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Western Europe

France's EDF reviews Hinkley Point nuclear power plant costs
RFI, 26/06/2017

France's Areva NP eyes higher sales, profits in next five years - report
Reuters, 26/06/2017

UK on track to miss carbon emissions target due to stalled energy policy
The Guardian, 26/06/2017

UK - Hinkley nuclear costs climb as deadlines slip again, 25/06/2017

IEA says nuclear power plants needed to help meet climate goals
Digital Journal, 23/06/2017

UK - Hinkley Point nuclear power station deal risky and expensive, says NAO report
Power Technology, 23/06/2017

How should we manage nuclear energy?
BBC News, 23/06/2017

UK - Bradwell completes treatment of fuel element debris
WNN, 22/06/2017

Plenty of tomb: Finland’s 100-year plan for burying nuclear waste
The Independent, 22/06/2017

UK to propose new law for nuclear industry after Brexit
Reuters, 21/06/2017

Sweden - Oskarshamn 1 enters retirement
WNN, 20/06/2017

SSE boss: Hinkley Point will likely be the UK's only nuclear new build
City A.M., 19/06/2017

UK - Nuclear decommissioning: sending the robots in
Power Technology, 19/06/2017

Belgian reactor vessels show no new inclusions
WNN, 16/06/2017

Restart of world's oldest nuclear plant delayed, says Swiss utility
Reuters, 16/06/2017

UK - Rolls Royce has 450 MW modular nuclear reactor design
Next Big Future, 15/06/2017

NEA and EPRI to cooperate on nuclear research
WNN, 14/06/2017

IAEA fuel 'bank' on course
WNN, 13/06/2017

UK - Rolls-Royce elaborates on its SMR plans
WNN, 13/06/2017

Finland works, quietly, to bury its nuclear reactor waste
Hamilton Spectator, 13/06/2017

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Eastern Europe

Georgia completes construction of its largest nuclear power plant
Construction.RU, 26/06/2017

IAEA Mission Notes Enhancements in Polish Regulatory Safety Framework, Areas for Improvement
IAEA, 23/06/2017

Russia - Further agreements flow from AtomExpo
WNN, 21/06/2017

Russia - Rosatom: climate’s new best friend
Open Democracy, 21/06/2017

Russia to start upgrading Armenian plant in 2018
WNN, 15/06/2017

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China looks to small nuclear reactors, 27/06/2017

India approves Kudankulam concrete pouring
WNN, 26/06/2017

Japan - Toshiba granted extension to accounting deadline
WNN, 23/06/2017

Most Taiwanese want to ditch nuclear power but without having to pay for it
Taiwain News, 23/06/2017

New Tepco chief reaffirms Fukushima commitment, but underscored need for plant restarts
Japan Times, 23/06/2017

Korea - Moon’s nuclear-free policy lauded but face technical hurdles
The Investor, 23/06/2017

Moon says South Korea will stop building new nuclear power plants
Japan Times, 19/06/2017

Korea - Kori-1 nuclear reactor brought to halt
Yonhap News, 17/06/2017

Japan - Monju decommissioning plan approved
WNN, 16/06/2017

Three new Chinese nuclear companies in UK
Sino, 16/06/2017

IAEA Concludes Safety Review at Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant in China
IAEA, 15/06/2017

Japan Court Clears Way For Nuclear Reactor Restarts
NDTV, 13/06/2017

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Rest of the World

South Africa committed to nuclear power expansion, process to be open - Zuma
Daily Mail, 22/06/2017

Four uranium projects excluded from Western Australia ban
WNN, 21/06/2017

Akkuyu nuclear power plant to speed up recovery of Turkish-Russian ties
Daily Sabah, 21/06/2017

S.Africa govt to review nuclear power plans in response to recession, 21/06/2017

Turkish consortium to buy into Akkuyu project
WNN, 20/06/2017

Turkey gives Rosatom go ahead to build nuclear plant
Reuters, 15/06/2017

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