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North America

Canada - Bruce Power marks first year of refurbishment project
WNN, 24/02/2021

USA - Bill to cancel moratorium on new nuclear plants awaiting vote in MN Senate
KTOE, 24/02/2021

USA - FERC to review grid preparedness after terminating resilience inquiry
WNN, 23/02/2021

Perseverance starts exploration of Mars
WNN, 19/02/2021

USA - The Activists Who Embrace Nuclear Power
The NewYorker, 19/02/2021

Canada - Experts weigh in on possibility of nuclear energy in Saskatchewan
GlobalNews, 18/02/2021

USA to hold inquiry into cold-weather operations
WNN, 18/02/2021

Bill Gates shares his plan for avoiding climate disaster
MarketPlace, 17/02/2021

USA urged to adopt global strategy on advanced nuclear power
WNN, 16/02/2021

US DOE gets go-ahead to build and test railcar
WNN, 12/02/2021

New Brunswick announces funds for SMR development
WNN, 11/02/2021

Radiation Leak at Mini Nuclear Reactor in US Leads to Shutdown
Interesting Engineering, 11/02/2021

Mini Nuclear Reactors Offer Promise of CHeaper, Clean Power
WSJ, 11/02/2021

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Western Europe

Nuclear Reactors in the EU
Delano, 24/02/2021

UK - Sizewell C uncertainty mounts as potential backer rules out support for nuclear plant
NCE, 23/02/2021

UK - Investors ‘shun’ Sizewell C nuclear power station project
The Independent, 22/02/2021

Spain - Cofrentes licence extension gets regulatory approval
WNN, 19/02/2021

Nuclear power could support UK’s hydrogen ambitions
ICIS, 19/02/2021

Nuclear Power Could Produce a Third of U.K.’s Hydrogen by 2050
Bloomberg, 17/02/2021

UK nuclear industry launches 'hydrogen roadmap'
WNN, 17/02/2021

Nuclear faces ‘a lot of uncertainty’ as EU green evaluation looms
EurActiv, 16/02/2021

Uniper Sees Small Scale Nuclear Energy as a Possibility for Northern Europe
SWFI, 15/02/2021

South Africa - Op-Ed: What opponents of nuclear energy do not tell you
PEI, 15/02/2021

Joint venture formed to spur SMR deployment in Sweden
WNN, 15/02/2021

Moorside goes forward for chance to host UK’s first prototype nuclear fusion plant
Cumbria Crack, 13/02/2021

Rolls-Royce on track for 2030 delivery of UK SMR
WNN, 11/02/2021

Dutch mull nuclear option in low-carbon drive
Montel, 11/02/2021

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Eastern Europe

Russia - BN-800 fast reactor has first full refuelling with MOX fuel
WNN, 24/02/2021

Ukraine needs new nuclear capacity, says deputy energy minister
WNN, 23/02/2021

Czech solution to fuel rod corrosion receives US patent
WNN, 22/02/2021

Bulgaria considers building small nuclear reactor
bne IntelliNews, 18/02/2021

Russia’s MBIR research reactor scheduled for start up in 2028
NEI, 18/02/2021

Unfinished Shcholkino nuclear power plant to be demolished in Crimea
NEI, 18/02/2021

S. Korea offers to help Poland build nuclear power plants
Reuters, 17/02/2021

Estonia - Proposed nuclear power station planning application being filed this year
ERR News, 17/02/2021

NuScale SMR to be evaluated for use in Bulgaria
WNN, 17/02/2021

MEPs call for suspension of the launch of the Belarus nuclear plant in Ostrovets
EU reporter, 15/02/2021

Bulgaria’s prosecution files charges against former ministers over Belene nuclear project
bne IntelliNews, 13/02/2021

Framatome and Wrocław University partner on nuclear skills development
PEI, 12/02/2021

Construction licence issued for Russia's BREST reactor
WNN, 11/02/2021

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Ten years after Fukushima: could new fuels make nuclear power safer?
physicsworld, 23/02/2021

Increased rate of water leakage at Fukushima reactors
WNN, 22/02/2021

Fukushima nuclear plant operator: Seismometers were broken
ABC News, 22/02/2021

Pressure drops inside vessel at Fukushima plant
NHK World, 21/02/2021

Chinese fast reactor begins high-power operation
WNN, 19/02/2021

South Korea’s Nuclear Power Generation Volume Increases in 2020
BusinessKorea, 19/02/2021

Korea - Civic activists lose lawsuit to suspend operation of nuclear plant
Yonhap News, 18/02/2021

Japan - Mayor says OK to restart of No. 3 reactor at nuke plant in Mihama
Asahi Shimbun, 15/02/2021

India - Nuclear power capacity to treble by 2031: Govt
Tribune India, 15/02/2021

Water overflows from spent nuclear fuel pools at Japan nuclear power plants
Japan News, 14/02/2021

Russia starts making major components for Xudabao units
WNN, 12/02/2021

Japan - NRA: Security breach at nuclear plant serious
NHK World, 11/02/2021

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Rest of the World

South Africa - Nersa warned nod for nuclear build would face legal stumbling blocks
BusinessDay, 23/02/2021

Turkey looks to complete 27.5% of Akkuyu nuclear plant by year-end
Daily Sabah, 23/02/2021

Australia - Rise of China puts nuclear power option back on table
The Australian, 22/02/2021

Australia - Stirring the pot on nuclear energy
The Australian, 19/02/2021

South Africa - Safety concerns over Koeberg containment refuted
WNN, 16/02/2021

Brazil’s Angra 3 nuclear reactor: a political undertaking, not a common good
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 16/02/2021

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