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North America

US DOE awards funds to support innovation
WNN, 13/09/2019

USA - No Nukes Is Bad News for Climate
WSJ, 13/09/2019

U.S. energy secretary says nuclear power talks with new Saudi minister likely Monday
Reuters, 13/09/2019

USA begins first commercial testing of silicide fuel
WNN, 11/09/2019

U.S. nuclear industry urges Trump to revive uranium mining with Cold War-era rule
Japan Times, 07/09/2019

USA - Nuke Subsidies Under Review Just Months After Contentious Approval
NJ Spotlight, 05/09/2019

USA - Democrats are divided on using nuclear energy to stop climate change
The Verge, 05/09/2019

USA - Massachusetts Wants Halt to Entergy Nuclear Power Plant Sale
Bloomberg Environment, 04/09/2019

USA - Is nuclear power a renewable energy source?
KCBX, 04/09/2019

Why California May Go Nuclear
Forbes, 03/09/2019

USA - Trump’s crucial decision on nuclear power
Washington Post, 02/09/2019

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Western Europe

Foratom calls for sustainable finance to include nuclear
WNN, 13/09/2019

UK - Nuclear giant Assystem joins Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme
Times and Star, 13/09/2019

World’s biggest crane gets to work at British nuclear plant
Finance and Commerce, 13/09/2019

Small modular reactors, nearing operation, touted as solution to some of nuclear industry's ills
S&P Global Platts, 11/09/2019

France - EDF nuclear blow sparks share price meltdown
FT, 11/09/2019

France - Framatome investigates reactor component plant
WNN, 10/09/2019

WEC reports on recognition of nuclear in future energy mix
WNN, 09/09/2019

No more room for Belgium’s nuclear waste
The Brussels Times, 08/09/2019

Europe - Industry must address costs, says Vattenfall CEO
WNN, 06/09/2019

World Nuclear Association sees upturn in uranium demand
WNN, 05/09/2019

Recommendations made for Finnish waste management
WNN, 04/09/2019

Foratom calls for more EU funding for research and innovation
WNN, 03/09/2019

Restart of Scotland nuclear reactor where cracks found delayed again
Reuters, 03/09/2019

UK - World's first commercial nuclear reactor defueled
New Atlas, 03/09/2019

Adjusting to Germany’s low-carbon future will come at a cost
FT, 02/09/2019

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Eastern Europe

Russia - Leningrad II-2 fitted with dummy assemblies ahead of March fuel loading
WNN, 13/09/2019

Russia’s Floating Nuclear Plant Arrives in Pevek
The Maritime Executive, 11/09/2019

Russian Emergency Services Make Final Check on Floating Nuclear Power Plant
The Moscow Times, 09/09/2019

Nuclear power plant to be built near Baltic Sea
Warsaw Business Journal, 07/09/2019

Ukraine - Energoatom and Westinghouse plan VVER-440 fuel cooperation
WNN, 05/09/2019

Hydraulic tests carried out at first unit of Belarusian nuclear power plant
Belarus News, 03/09/2019

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Can Environmentalists Get Their Heads Wrapped Around Using Nuclear Energy?
Forbes, 13/09/2019

Taiwan - Despite Referendum, Nuclear Power Faces 2025 Deadline
Taiwan Business TOPICS, 12/09/2019

New environment minister says Japan should stop using nuclear power
Reuters, 12/09/2019

Japan's nuclear watchdog to restart probe on causes of meltdown at Fukushima No. 1
Japan Times, 11/09/2019

China - World's second EPR starts operations
WNN, 09/09/2019

China-France JV's second nuclear power unit ready for commercial use
Xinhua, 08/09/2019

Bangladesh minister clarifies cost of its first nuclear power plant, 08/09/2019

China plans giant underground lab to research nuclear waste
CNN, 06/09/2019

Three Vietnamese sue Fukushima firm over decontamination work at crippled nuclear facility
Japan Times, 05/09/2019

China earmarks site to store nuclear waste deep underground
South China Morning Post, 05/09/2019

At least 12 nuclear power units of Russian project to be constructed in India — Putin
TASS, 04/09/2019

Chinese nuclear giant unfazed by blacklisting
Asia Times, 04/09/2019

China issues white paper on nuclear safety
WNN, 03/09/2019

Japan warns nuclear plants to prepare well in advance for reactor decommissioning
E&T Magazine, 02/09/2019

Korea - Second APR-1400 unit starts commercial operation
WNN, 02/09/2019

Nuclear power generation up 12% in Asia
Economic Times, 02/09/2019

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Rest of the World

UAE - Enec and Tenex renew MoU on nuclear fuel cycle management
WNN, 13/09/2019

France's EDF interested in Saudi nuclear energy programme, CEO says
The National, 11/09/2019

South Korea and UAE to collaborate on new nuclear opportunities
WNN, 11/09/2019

Turkey issues construction licence for Akkuyu unit 2
WNN, 10/09/2019

Operating license for Barakah nuclear power plant still under review: UAE regulator
Reuters, 09/09/2019

Saudi Arabia Plans To Enrich Uranium For Its Nuclear Power Reactors
Forbes, 09/09/2019

Australia calls on global industry to support federal inquiry
WNN, 06/09/2019

Australia - New nuclear power proposal needs public debate
Independent Australia, 04/09/2019

South Africa - Cabinet is set to approve a new nuclear-build plan
IOL, 02/09/2019

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