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North America

Don’t Ignore the Nuclear Option
Bloomberg, 01/06/2020

USA - Industry to Explore Decentralized Nuclear Waste Disposal
Power Magazine, 31/05/2020

NWMO to begin field studies at Canadian repository site
WNN, 28/05/2020

MPC lid welding passes US regulatory inspection
WNN, 27/05/2020

USA - Final module installed at Vogtle 3
WNN, 26/05/2020

The folly of removing US caps on Russian nuclear fuel imports
The Hill, 25/05/2020

US senators urge extension to uranium import quota
WNN, 21/05/2020

Slow, Steady Progress for Two U.S. Nuclear Power Projects
IEEE Spectrum, 20/05/2020

US uranium output falls 89% in 2019
WNN, 19/05/2020

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Western Europe

UK - Second reactor based completed at Hinkley Point C [ –with video]
The Construction Index, 01/06/2020

Britain needs new nuclear, and the government should fund it
FT, 01/06/2020

Assembly of ITER fusion machine gets under way
WNN, 29/05/2020

UK - If you want to buy a decommissioned nuclear reactor control panel, I’ve found one for you
The Verge, 28/05/2020

European recovery plan omits nuclear
WNN, 27/05/2020

UK - Sizewell C: Nuclear power station plans for Suffolk submitted
BBC News, 27/05/2020

Framatome providing in-house services for 15 reactors at eight EDF nuclear plants in U.K.
Power Engineering Magazine, 26/05/2020

EDF UK hopes to submit nuclear plant planning application soon
Reuters, 25/05/2020

UK- EDF submits £18bn nuclear plan
The Times, 24/05/2020

New emergency zones for Swedish nuclear power plants
NEI, 22/05/2020

The Netherlands - ‘No danger to public’ from fire at decommissioned nuclear power plant, 21/05/2020

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Eastern Europe

Czech state offers to pay 70% of Dukovany unit cost
WNN, 29/05/2020

Lithuania and Belarus agree on notification of nuclear accidents
NEI, 29/05/2020

Czech gov't to lend CEZ money for nuclear energy plant expansion
Xinhua, 29/05/2020

IAEA equips Belarus with mobile radiation monitoring lab
WNN, 28/05/2020

Romania Cancels Deal With China to Build Nuclear Reactors
Balkan Insight, 27/05/2020

Rosatom announces 100 coronavirus cases at Belarus nuclear plant
Bellona, 26/05/2020

Russia seeks to use Pu-238 as spacecraft energy source
NEI, 26/05/2020

Slovenian decision on second unit by 2027: minister
WNN, 26/05/2020

Lithuania, Belarus sign nuclear incident notification agreement
Baltic Times, 25/05/2020

Preparatory construction for Brest-300 reactor begins in Russia
NEI, 22/05/2020

Russia confirms interest in Czech Dukovany project
NEI, 22/05/2020

Russia commissioned world’s first floating nuclear power plant
TASS, 22/05/2020

Ukraine pushes storage facility completion to end-September
WNN, 21/05/2020

Russia - Rosatom eases employee coronavirus restrictions
Bellona, 20/05/2020

Ukraine passes bill to secure Euratom loan
WNN, 20/05/2020

Russia - Leningrad II-2 start-up postponed to April 2021
WNN, 19/05/2020

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Bangladesh - Atommash completes core barrel for Rooppur-1 RPV
WNN, 22/05/2020

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Rest of the World

COVID-19 to delay Brazil nuclear plant -Eletronuclear
Reuters, 22/05/2020

Puerto Rico publishes first study on nuclear reactor feasibility
Power Technology, 22/05/2020

Nuclear regulators examine response to pandemic
WNN, 20/05/2020

UAE - ENEC completes test for Unit 4 at Barakah nuclear power plant
Gulf Business News, 19/05/2020

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