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North America

USA - Exelon Installs New Accident Tolerant Fuel at Illinois Nuclear Plant
Power Magazine, 16/01/2020

USA - Plan Revealed for $2.3B Cleanup of NY's Indian Point Nuclear Plant
Engineering News-Record, 15/01/2020

Canada - CNL secures overseas decommissioning contract
WNN, 14/01/2020

USA - Will deep decarbonization include nuclear? Possibly, with many caveats
Utility Drive, 14/01/2020

USA - Booker's departure leaves a nuclear energy gap in 2020 race
Axios, 14/01/2020

Ontario government apologises for false alarm
WNN, 13/01/2020

Canadian province says it erroneously reported an incident at nuclear power station
Reuters, 12/01/2020

Could a Florida utility build a new nuclear plant in the next 15 years?
Tampa Bay Times, 10/01/2020

Canada and USA to collaborate on critical minerals
WNN, 09/01/2020

Preparing for a Nuclear Renaissance
Motley, 09/01/2020

NuScale makes first Canadian SMR review submission
WNN, 07/01/2020

Canada - Ontario can phase out nuclear and avoid increased carbon emissions
The Conversation CA, 05/01/2020

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Western Europe

ENSA ships steam generators to France
WNN, 16/01/2020

France - EDF builds dyke at Gravelines plant amid flood risk
Montel, 16/01/2020

Debate: is nuclear clean enough for the EU’s green funding?
Power Technology, 16/01/2020

EU Green Deal ignores its own biggest clean energy source
WNN, 15/01/2020

Momentum Builds for UK Government to Self-Fund New Nuclear Plants
GTM, 15/01/2020

EU to unveil trillion-euro ‘Green Deal’ financial plan
EurActiv, 14/01/2020

UK develops radwaste management committee's role
WNN, 13/01/2020

Nuclear helps Belgium increase electricity exports in 2019
NEI, 13/01/2020

France - EDF keeps nuclear output target steady for 2020
Reuters, 13/01/2020

UK - EDF seeks funding to save Sizewell C nuclear plant
The Times, 13/01/2020

New CRP: Pathways to Energy from Inertial Fusion – Materials Research and Technology Development
IAEA, 09/01/2020

France will not decide on new nuclear reactors before end of 2022
Reuters, 09/01/2020

IAEA explains nuclear's vital role in a carbon-free future
WNN, 08/01/2020

Top nuclear power stories of 2019
NEI, 06/01/2020

UK - Nuclear waste removal begins 30 years after power station closure
BBC News, 06/01/2020

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Eastern Europe

Russian repair improvements led to 3 TWh more power in 2019
WNN, 15/01/2020

Ukraine assesses legislation to support nuclear sector
WNN, 14/01/2020

EU avoided row over Hungary’s Russian nuclear deal: leaks
Energy Reporters, 12/01/2020

Estonia - Environment minister favors referendum on nuclear power plant question
ERR, 10/01/2020

Russia - Rostov unit 1 cleared to operate until 2031
WNN, 10/01/2020

Russia - Kola NPP pilots use of ultraviolet wastewater disinfection
WNN, 10/01/2020

Russia - In change of plan, remote Arctic nuclear plant gets lifespan extension
Bellona, 06/01/2020

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Costs for managing Japan's nuclear plants to total 13 trillion yen
Kyodo News, 15/01/2020

Japan - Work begins to remove spent MOX fuel at Ikata nuclear plant in Ehime
Japan Times, 15/01/2020

Japan - Control rod mistakenly removed from Ikata reactor in Ehime during maintenance
Japan Times, 13/01/2020

India - Major shift: PMO mulls to open gates for FDI in nuclear power, 12/01/2020

Korea - Nuclear safety agency approves additional spent fuel storage facility
Yonhap News, 10/01/2020

Korea - Expansion of Wolsong used fuel store approved
WNN, 10/01/2020

Chinese firms form nuclear project partnership
WNN, 09/01/2020

Uzbekistan signs U supply deals with Japanese firms
WNN, 08/01/2020

China - CGN changes Hongyanhe ACPR-1000 start-up schedule
WNN, 06/01/2020

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Rest of the World

Fuel to be loaded into UAE's first nuclear reactor by end-Q1, 16/01/2020

Radiation technique controls tsetse fly numbers in Senegal
WNN, 14/01/2020

Australian uranium: a new chapter?
Mining Technology, 14/01/2020

Iran scraps limit on uranium enrichment
WNN, 06/01/2020

Korea, Saudi Arabia to set up Korea’s SMART reactor construction JV
Pulse News, 06/01/2020

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