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North America

USA - Will Nuclear Energy’s No-Carbon Quality Outweigh The Fukushima Accident?
Forbes, 11/04/2021

The World Is One Step Closer To Commercial Nuclear Fusion
OilPrice, 10/04/2021

USA - TAE reaches 'hot enough' plasma milestone
WNN, 09/04/2021

USA - This Nuclear Reactor Just Made Fusion Viable by 2030. Seriously
Popular Mechanics, 08/04/2021

USA - Nuclear plants could soon produce hydrogen, but federal policy questions linger
S&P Global, 06/04/2021

USA - Support grows for next-generation nuclear power plant north of Richland
Seattle Times, 02/04/2021

US scientists introduce new fusion reactor concept
WNN, 01/04/2021

US President includes nuclear in American Jobs Plan
WNN, 01/04/2021

Study highlights benefits of SMRs to Canadian industries
WNN, 01/04/2021

Canada - OPG and Moltex launch project to recycle Candu fuel
NEI, 01/04/2021

Canada - Bruce commits to net-zero operations by 2027
WNN, 31/03/2021

Uranium firms increase inventory from spot market
WNN, 30/03/2021

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Western Europe

Investors bet clean power shift will fuel higher uranium prices
FT, 09/04/2021

Finland - Fennovoima maintains 2021 goal for Hanhikivi construction licence
WNN, 08/04/2021

Nuclear plants could be the ‘perfect component’ for green hydrogen production
H2 view, 08/04/2021

Europe - It's Official. Nuclear Power Is 'Appropriate and Safe'
Interesting Engineering, 07/04/2021

NGOs call for nuclear's inclusion in EU taxonomy
WNN, 07/04/2021

Switzerland doubles stock of natural uranium kept abroad, 06/04/2021

Ministers gear up for COP26
WNN, 06/04/2021

Switzerland - SGs dismantled at Mülheim-Kärlich
NEI, 31/03/2021

The Netherlands - D66 heavyweights wade in on nuclear power discussion, 31/03/2021

Europe - Industry urges Commission to call nuclear power 'sustainable'
EUobserver, 30/03/2021

Fuel loading under way at Finnish EPR
WNN, 29/03/2021

EU Taxonomy can move forward with nuclear, JRC finds
WNN, 29/03/2021

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Eastern Europe

Estonia to assess adoption of nuclear energy
WNN, 09/04/2021

Russia transports first RPV for Kursk VVER-TOI plant
WNN, 08/04/2021

Czech researchers develop revolutionary nuclear heating plant
DW, 07/04/2021

Two more units for Russia’s Novovoronezh NPP
NEI, 06/04/2021

BelNPP's first unit generates 1.8bn kWh of electricity
Belarus News, 05/04/2021

Czech government defies intelligence warnings over Russia’s Rosatom
EurActiv, 31/03/2021

Russia makes progress with fast reactor upgrade
WNN, 30/03/2021

Romania joins the group of EU nuclear power advocates, 29/03/2021

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India - Core catcher installed in reactor four of KKNPP
The Hindu, 10/04/2021

PM Suga to meet fishing industry chief over Fukushima nuclear waste water disposal
The Mainichi, 07/04/2021

Can Japan Be Both Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free?
The Diplomat, 07/04/2021

Japan's JGC invests in NuScale Power
WNN, 06/04/2021

Cutting-edge US small nuclear plant enlists Japan builder JGC
Nikkei Asia, 05/04/2021

Taiwan - Fourth nuclear plant must not operate, premier says
Taipei Times, 03/04/2021

India's credit line for Bangladesh covers nuclear projects
NEI, 01/04/2021

China - Construction permit issued for second phase of Changjiang plant
WNN, 31/03/2021

China-Russia joint nuclear power plant sees second operation incident in 10 months
Global Times, 29/03/2021

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Rest of the World

Argentina seeks Chinese financing for nuclear power plant
LatinFinance, 08/04/2021

UAE's first nuclear unit starts commercial operation
WNN, 06/04/2021

Rosatom In Sub-Saharan Africa
Eurasia Review, 02/04/2021

Iran Says Sanctions Could Force Shutdown of Nuclear Power Plant
Bloomberg, 29/03/2021

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