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North America

USA - The social costs of nuclear power plant closure
NEI, 14/01/2021

USA - DOE Rolls Out Nuclear Innovation ‘Blueprint’ Ahead of Biden Administration Takeover
Power Magazine, 13/01/2021

Trump orders DoD to explore use of nuclear power for space
DefenseNews, 13/01/2021

US order promotes SMRs for space exploration and defence
WNN, 13/01/2021

USA - Record number of nuclear power plants set to close in 2021
Houston Chronicle, 12/01/2021

USA - DOE unveils strategy for US nuclear science and technology
WNN, 12/01/2021

USA - Nuclear power backers hopeful Biden's climate focus will boost industry
Reuters, 11/01/2021

US awards $20m for advanced nuclear reactor concepts
Energy Live News, 11/01/2021

USA - FDA approves novel non-uranium Mo-99 production process
WNN, 07/01/2021

10/3 podcast: Why Canada is betting on nuclear to get to net-zero carbon
The Province, 07/01/2021

USA - Final DOE Advanced Reactor Demonstration Awards Announced
Power Mag, 07/01/2021

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Western Europe

Sweden - Ringhals 1 (881 MW) restart ruled out as plant closes
Montel, 14/01/2021

Final major contracts signed for Iter Tokamak Complex assembly
WNN, 12/01/2021

UK - Rolls-Royce and UK Space Agency launch first ever study into nuclear-powered space exploration
Gov.UK, 12/01/2021

UK - Chinese nuclear firm told it must resolve Bradwell safety issues
The Guardian, 11/01/2021

Consultation launched on new nuclear power station design proposed for UK
Gov.UK, 11/01/2021

UK - Hitachi pulls plug on Horizon nuclear offshoot
The Times, 10/01/2021

Rolls-Royce betting small is beautiful when it comes to UK nuclear power
City A.M., 09/01/2021

UK - Nuclear stands out as clean, dispatchable firm power, says Kwarteng
WNN, 08/01/2021

Belgium - No increase in Tihange 2 hydrogen flakes
WNN, 06/01/2021

UK - Wylfa planning decision delayed again as takeover talks continue
NCE, 05/01/2021

NGOs urge EU Commission to value nuclear energy
WNN, 05/01/2021

UK agrees to further deferral of Wylfa planning decision
WNN, 04/01/2021

Governments Look to Expand Nuclear Power Through SMRs
Power Magazine, 04/01/2021

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Eastern Europe

Romania - RO nuclear power producer gets US grant to search locations for small nuclear power plants, 14/01/2021

Framatome expands presence in Central Europe’s nuclear market
Power Engineering International, 13/01/2021

Rosatom to build plant running on small modular reactors in eastern Siberia
Bellona, 11/01/2021

Russia plans new generation of FNPPs
NEI, 06/01/2021

Ukraine's Zaporozhe 5 clear to operate until 2030
WNN, 06/01/2021

Bulgaria joins OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
SeeNews, 05/01/2021

Russia - Rosatom to being work on land-based SMR
Nuclear Engineering, 04/01/2021

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Japan - Safety upgrades completed at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa 7
WNN, 13/01/2021

China ‘must power up nuclear plans’ to meet carbon neutral targets
South China Morning Post, 13/01/2021

Korea - KHNP Requests Approval Period Extension for Shin Hanul Nuclear Power Plant Units
Business Korea, 12/01/2021

Indian reactor connected to the grid
WNN, 11/01/2021

China - Second Fuqing Hualong One reactor completes cold tests
WNN, 11/01/2021

Japanese industry leaders call for nuclear restarts
WNN, 08/01/2021

China begins construction of SanAo nuclear power plant
NEI, 07/01/2021

Will Indonesia become a nuclear power?
TRT World, 06/01/2021

China - Hot testing completed at sixth Tianwan unit
WNN, 05/01/2021

China - Hot functional testing of HTR-PM reactors starts
WNN, 04/01/2021

Experts Calling on Korean Government to Reconsider Nuclear Power Phase-out
BusinessKorea, 04/01/2021

Construction of new Chinese power plant begins
WNN, 04/01/2021

Japan's carbon neutrality dilemma: More nuclear power or more renewables?
Japan Times, 04/01/2021

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Rest of the World

Turkey - Sovcombank delivers loan for Akkuyu NPP as work continues
NEI, 13/01/2021

Turkey - First turbine module delivered for Akkuyu plant
WNN, 13/01/2021

GE delivers turbine equipment for Turkey’s first-ever nuclear power plant
Power Engineering, 12/01/2021

South Africa's Eskom to impose power cuts after nuclear plant shutdown, 07/01/2021

South Africa - Eskom takes unit offline at Koeberg nuclear station after leak at steam generator
News24, 04/01/2021

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