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North America

Wide interest in small reactor plan, says CNL
WNN, 19/10/2017

Lightbridge fuel moves towards irradiation testing
WNN, 17/10/2017

WANO members 'consider challenges of the future'
WNN, 17/10/2017

WANO, IYNC agree to enhance cooperation
WNN, 16/10/2017

USA - EPA takes steps to repeal US Clean Power Plan
EPA, 11/10/2017

USA - Milestones for Vogtle construction
WNN, 09/10/2017

USA - Learn About Decommissioning Of Pilgrim Nuclear, 08/10/2017

USA - Rick Perry defends controversial proposal, says coal and nuclear should be 'part of future'
Washington Examiner, 07/10/2017

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Western Europe

Is Britain’s energy system broken?
The Economist, 19/10/2017

ABB wins $130 million order for Hinkley Point nuclear plant in UK
Reuters, 19/10/2017

As world turns off, icy, dark Finland turning on nuclear power
New Europe, 19/10/2017

Finland - Impact of Hanhikivi 1 licensing delay remains unclear
WNN, 17/10/2017

UK set to end outsourcing of nuclear clean-up
FT, 15/10/2017

UK - Nuclear industry scrambles to avoid Euratom cliff edge
Telegraph, 13/10/2017

UK prepares legislation for Euratom exit
WNN, 12/10/2017

France - ASN gives final opinion on Flamanville EPR vessel
WNN, 12/10/2017

BREXATOM: European Union’s nuclear trade body wants quick deal with UK after Brexit, 11/10/2017

France's EDF fixing pipe problem at 20 nuclear reactors
Reuters, 11/10/2017

UK - Watchdog slams nuclear cleanup contract that cost public £122m
The Guardian, 11/10/2017

UK - Robot deployed into Magnox Swarf Storage Silo
WNN, 10/10/2017

Senior UK officials defend £20bn Hinkley Point nuclear project
FT, 09/10/2017

France - EDF on track with Flamanville performance testing
WNN, 09/10/2017

French-backed Finnish nuclear plant delayed again
FT, 09/10/2017

UK - Engineers to begin ground testing at new Bradwell nuclear power station site
East Anglian Daily Times, 09/10/2017

Rising Costs Slow The Growth Of Nuclear Power, 08/10/2017

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Eastern Europe

Russia completes hot tests at Rostov 4
WNN, 19/10/2017

IAEA team notes improvements in Romanian regulation
WNN, 18/10/2017

Ukraine - Energoatom's development requires new law: report
WNN, 18/10/2017

EU demands closure of Armenia's Metsamor nuclear power plant
vestnik kavkaza, 16/10/2017

Armenia to dismantle first power unit at its nuclear power plant
Arka News Agency, 12/10/2017

Armenian nuclear power plant signs contract for delivery of Russian nuclear fuel
Arka News Agency, 12/10/2017

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South Korea - State commission recommends resuming construction of nuclear reactors
Korea Herald, 20/10/2017

Blow for new South Korean president after vote to resume nuclear power build
FT, 20/10/2017

What's Behind China's Breakthrough in Atomic Energy Production
Sputnik International, 18/10/2017

Japan - Oi nuclear reactors set to be decommissioned
Japan News, 17/10/2017

Japan - Nuclear power issue unlikely to be decisive factor in election
Japan Today, 16/10/2017

Pakistan - Pressure vessel in place at Karachi 2
WNN, 11/10/2017

Korea’s Nuclear Phase-Out Policy Collides with Its Nuclear Power Plant Export
Business Korea, 11/10/2017

Korea vows continued support for nuclear export push
Korea Herald, 10/10/2017

Japan - Government, Tepco ordered to pay ¥500 million in damages for Fukushima disaster
Japan Times, 10/10/2017

South Korea's AP1400 clear for European export
WNN, 09/10/2017

Korea Hydro & Nuclear gains European approval for reactor in boost for exports
Reuters, 09/10/2017

Japan - NRA’s nod for a Tepco nuclear plant restart
Japan Times, 08/10/2017

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Rest of the World

New Energy Minister Mahlobo's first words on his nuclear vision for South Africa
Fin24, 19/10/2017

South Africa cannot afford more nuclear power, says former Eskom CEO
The Citizen, 18/10/2017

South Africa - Eskom announces nuclear power plant site
ESI Africa, 16/10/2017

South Africa - Environmental approval for Eskom new-build site
WNN, 13/10/2017

Construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant to start in late 2017
Trend News Agency, 11/10/2017

Saudi Arabia to award nuclear reactor contract by end 2018: official
Zawya, 10/10/2017

Local firms aspire to partake in Turkey's nuclear projects
Daily Sabah, 10/10/2017

South Africa - Eskom's nuclear debate programme a powerful success
Independent Online, 07/10/2017

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