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Study of the financial, economic, and social impacts of the retirement of the pickering nuclear generating station
Purchaser: City of Pickering, posted on 25 September 20
Stationary system for monitoring local dose rates - konrad
Purchaser: BGE, posted on 25 September 20
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Rados (Finland)
MGP (France)
Diakont (Russia)

Wednesday 30 September 2020
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Germany lists potential radwaste storage sites
WNN, 29/09/2020
Ukraine - Zelensky orders parliamentary debate on nuclear sector
WNN, 29/09/2020
Foratom calls for action to avoid skills shortage
WNN, 29/09/2020
USA - Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is ‘Very Likely to Work,’ Studies Suggest
NYT, 29/09/2020
EDF demands clarity on British nuclear power funding
NCE, 29/09/2020
Policymakers must assess the actual costs of decarbonisation
WNN, 28/09/2020
Russia - Rosatom explains the 'multiplier effect' of new nuclear
WNN, 28/09/2020
EU research project focuses on radon and NORM
WNN, 28/09/2020
Ukraine to borrow EUR 6 mln from EU for nuclear security
UNIAN, 28/09/2020
USA - NASA Doubles Down On Nuclear Fusion Ambitions, 28/09/2020
South Africa - ’Seismic events don’t pose risk to Koeberg nuclear power station’
Independent Online, 28/09/2020
USA - Can a 20-person startup with $25 million get Oklo’s fast-fission micro-reactor to market?
PV Magazine, 27/09/2020
Baltic countries agree on methodology as they prepare to boycott Belarusian nuclear power
Baltic Times, 27/09/2020
India - Rosatom ships equipment for Kudankulam n-power plants, 26/09/2020
Egypt: Nuclear Energy And Techno-Nationalism – Analysis
Eurasia News, 26/09/2020