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Posting job vacancies on

Recruiting in the nuclear industry has never been so difficult... European recruiters are particularly under pressure and have to look for staff from all over the EU and sometimes beyond...

NuclearMarket now offers recruiters from the nuclear industry the possibility to post their vacancies on

Option 1 - You wish to post your vacancies yourself using our online interface, the following fees apply:
Number of vacanciesCost
1-1060 euros each
11-3050 euros each
more than 3040 euros each
(3 months minimum)
600 euros per month

Option 2 - You wish to send your vacancies by email (text file) and you wish us to post them on your behalf, the following fees apply:
Number of vacanciesCost
1-1090 euros each
11-3080 euros each
more than 3070 euros each

note 1 - The minimum credit you may buy is the equivalent of 10 job postings. Credit is valid one year.
note 2 - Online payment is not available yet. When we receive your first order, we immediately send you an invoice by email. Your account is credited when we receive your payment (bank transfer or cheque)
note 3 - Vacancies are kept one month online and are automatically removed
note 4 - When a vacancy is posted, an email alert is sent automatically to relevant job seekers
note 5 - If you choose the unlimited option, we charge you 3 months in advance. The first invoice will be for 1800 euros.

To place an order simply fill in the form below

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First name*:
Last name*:
Tel (including country code)*:
Email address*:
How many job postings you wish to order*:
Option*: Option 1
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