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There are currently 429 Procurement Notices posted.

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Supply of fire pump
Purchaser: NB Power
Location: Point Lepreau Generating Station, Canada

Services: radioactive materials ram disposal [medical]
Purchaser: Department of Veterans Affairs - VA Caribbean Health Care System
Location: USA

Donation of the jrc mc-40 cyclotron by the jrc-ispra of the european commission [amendment]
Purchaser: European Commission, JRC — Joint Research Centre, JRC.G
Location: Ispra, Italy

Technical control during the design and construction phases of structures/buildings
Purchaser: CEA Valduc
Location: France

Bgo crystals
Purchaser: CNRS Délégation 04 - Laboratoire de l'accélérateur linéaire
Location: France

Sbri: protecting nuclear decommissioning operators
Purchaser: Innovate UK - Sellafield Ltd
Location: UK

Extension of the effluent pipeline
Purchaser: Hydro Quebec
Location: Canada

Sspa system for a single/multiple plasma launcher
Purchaser: National Fusion Research Institute
Location: Korea

Cleaning services [cleaning, maintenance, security services, etc (headquarters)]
Purchaser: ČR - Státní úřad pro jadernou bezpečnost
Location: Czech Republic

Nrc recruitment and retention integrated marketing services
Purchaser: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Location: USA

Lifting table
Purchaser: CEA Cesta
Location: France

Spectrometer, wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence [for the determination of the presence of uranium, thorium and rare earth elements]
Purchaser: IAEA
Location: Malaysia

Spare parts for main circulation pump
Purchaser: Slovenske elektrarne, a.s.
Location: Slovakia

Pharmaceutical products [radium dichloride - medical]
Purchaser: Szpital Kliniczny im. Heliodora Święcickiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego im. Karola Marcinkowskiego
Location: Poznań, Poland

Plasma spray thin-film heaters - request for information
Purchaser: UK Atomic Energy Authority
Location: UK

Emergency diesel generators
Purchaser: SCK CEN
Location: Belgium

Maintenance/inspection of nbi and ech heating equipment - kstar
Purchaser: National Fusion Research Institute
Location: Korea

Radiation protection equipment (dosimeters, neutron survey meters, radiation survey meters, contamination monitors, x-ray qc kit, etc)
Purchaser: IAEA
Location: Morocco

Transport of fissile material from jrc karlsruhe (germany) to the united states of america, france and united kingdom
Purchaser: European Commission, JRC - Joint Research Centre
Location: Various

Rail rate analysis [railroad shipping rate negotiations for spent nuclear fuel and gtcc nuclear waste]
Purchaser: Department of Energy
Location: USA

Create offices in front of c9 and c10 cells - atalante facilities
Purchaser: CEA Marcoule
Location: France

Request for information for hosted, document, records and workflow management migration and operation solutions
Purchaser: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Location: USA

Engineering services [updating of documentation for the c-30 transport container, regulatory support, etc]
Purchaser: Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosť, a.s.
Location: Slovakia

Particle accelerators [manufacture of the lower and medium monolith vessel][amendment]
Purchaser: Comisión Ejecutiva del Consorcio ESS Bilbao
Location: Spain and Sweden

Hygiene inspection of air handling systems according to vdi 6022 [amendment]
Purchaser: KTE Kerntechnische Entsorgung Karlsruhe GmbH
Location: Germany

Hazard protection and control consultancy services [health and safety related services]
Purchaser: Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives - CESTA
Location: Le Barp, France

Optimization of scrubber (wet gas scrubber for flue gas purification ?) - cilva facility
Purchaser: Belgoprocess NV
Location: Belgium

Copper (to be used to manufacture special r&d components for accelerators)
Purchaser: CEA Saclay
Location: France

Miscellaneous medical devices and products [includes equipment for cbrn - may include nuclear instrumentation, personal protective equipment, etc][amendment]
Purchaser: ČVUT v Praze, Fakulta biomedicínského inženýrství
Location: Czech Republic

Maintenance of nrc computer codes iii
Purchaser: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Location: USA

Supply of pipe materials and fittings - mo34 project
Purchaser: Slovenske elektrarne, a.s.
Location: Slovakia

Pharmaceutical products [includes sources, generators, etc - medical]
Purchaser: CHD de Castelluccio
Location: France

Mockups to qualify/test hydraulic instrumentation, upgrading of mercure 200 loop, supports for mockups, etc - jules horowitz reactor project
Purchaser: CEA Cadarache
Location: France

Kstar active directory (?) performance improvement, information technology, networks, etc
Purchaser: National Fusion Research Institute
Location: Korea

Personal radiological protection services, dosimetry, dosimeters, etc (medical)
Purchaser: Governo do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte
Location: Brazil

Cs & shop buildings fire alarm upgrade project
Purchaser: Department of Energy - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Location: USA

Dose rate and radioactive contamination meters
Purchaser: Polatom/National Centre for Nuclear Research
Location: Poland

Flagstones [supply of floor slabs/tiles and associated services][amendment]
Purchaser: EDF SA
Location: France

Overhead bridge crane - design/supply/install (for the 'midi' experiment)
Purchaser: IRSN
Location: France

Chemical addition tanks for containment filtered venting system
Purchaser: NPCIL
Location: India

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