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North America

NuScale 'builds out' Canadian SMR supply chain
WNN, 15/09/2021

Canada - Terrestrial Energy doubles up its power plant
WNN, 15/09/2021

USA - Illinois approves $700 million in subsidies to Exelon, prevents nuclear plant closures
Reuters, 13/09/2021

USA - Researchers Create the Most Powerful Magnet Ever Made on Earth: 20 Teslas
Universe Today, 12/09/2021

USA - DOE building a bridge to bankability for nuclear
WNN, 10/09/2021

USA - Illinois legislature edges closer to saving two nuclear power
Reuters, 10/09/2021

USA - Companies join forces to create 'top-tier' ISL miner
WNN, 08/09/2021

Components for Summer headed to Ukraine
WNN, 07/09/2021

Doosan Heavy to lead X-energy’s study on SMR nuclear reactor design
PEI, 04/09/2021

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Western Europe

UK hydrogen strategy: a role for nuclear?
NEI, 15/09/2021

Nuclear power companies threaten to shut down plants if Spanish government takes action on soaring bills
El Pais, 15/09/2021

Uranium prices soar as investors scoop up nuclear power fuel
FT, 10/09/2021

Researcher: Brussels is paving the way for nuclear power’s green revival
EurActiv, 10/09/2021

Italy launches national debate on waste repository
WNN, 08/09/2021

UK - Wylfa nuclear plant buildings set for demolition
NCE, 07/09/2021

Finland - Fortum submits EIA report for Loviisa
WNN, 06/09/2021

Belgium’s business community worried over nuclear energy uncertainty
Brussels Times, 04/09/2021

US, Norway work together to eliminate HEU
WNN, 03/09/2021

2020 highlighted nuclear's resilience, says World Nuclear Association
WNN, 02/09/2021

Europe - Climate change worries fuel nuclear dreams
Politico, 02/09/2021

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Eastern Europe

Czech Republic - Westinghouse to upgrade Temelin I&C systems
WNN, 14/09/2021

Poland - Ciech and Synthos Green to cooperate on nuclear energy use
NEI, 14/09/2021

Boost nuclear to cut coal faster, Czech Republic told
WNN, 13/09/2021

Poland - Chemical giant looks to nuclear heat to decarbonise
WNN, 10/09/2021

Slovakian parliament bans foreign waste services
WNN, 09/09/2021

Russia - Robots to guard for fire at Kalinin plant
WNN, 07/09/2021

Westinghouse to Build Nuclear Power Plants in Ukraine
Business Korea, 07/09/2021

Russia - SMRs to power Arctic development
WNN, 03/09/2021

Kazakhstan banks on nuclear energy for transition to low-carbon future
European Scientist, 03/09/2021

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Japan - Regulator approves restart of Shimane 2
WNN, 15/09/2021

Japan - Nuclear reactor in Shimane prefectural capital passes safety review
The Mainichi, 15/09/2021

China's HTR-PM reactor achieves first criticality
WNN, 13/09/2021

China Turns Nuclear Waste Into Glass for First Time Using 2,000F Furnace
Newsweek, 13/09/2021

Why China is developing a game-changing thorium-fuelled nuclear reactor
France 24, 12/09/2021

Japan - Power industry to discuss need of nuclear power with next prime minister
Asahi Shimbun, 11/09/2021

China prepares to test thorium-fuelled nuclear reactor
Nature, 09/09/2021

IAEA launches review of Fukushima water release
WNN, 06/09/2021

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Rest of the World

Historic alliance reignites old debate over Australian nuclear energy
SMH, 16/09/2021

Is Brazil reconsidering new hydro and nuclear plants to guarantee supply?
bnamericas, 15/09/2021

Site analysis proposed for Puerto Rico
WNN, 09/09/2021

Russia’s Promise Of Building Nuclear Plants In Africa – Analysis
Eurasia News, 06/09/2021

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