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North America

USA - Calls for Diablo Canyon shut down to be reconsidered
WNN, 26/11/2021

Can Small Nuclear Reactors Really Help The Climate? QuickTake
Washington Post, 26/11/2021

US study charts shifting nuclear attitudes
WNN, 25/11/2021

Holtec and Hyundai finalise SMR design and deployment agreement
WNN, 24/11/2021

USA - Bill Gates' nuclear-power firm will help build a $170 million experimental nuclear reactor in Idaho
Business Insider, 24/11/2021

USA - NRC 'indicates acceptance' of Kairos safety evaluation
WNN, 23/11/2021

The Two Billionaires Reimagining Nuclear Energy
Oil Price, 23/11/2021

Ottawa urged to give nuclear energy a boost
ipolitics, 22/11/2021

NASA Reveals Bold Plan to Put a Nuclear Reactor on The Moon Within 10 Years
ScienceAlert, 22/11/2021

How the return of nuclear power can help get us to net zero
MoneyWeek, 20/11/2021

NASA seeks ideas for a nuclear reactor on the moon
Phys.Org, 19/11/2021

USA - Nuclear-powered data campus makes progress
WNN, 19/11/2021

USA - Fast-spectrum salt reactor to be built at INL
WNN, 19/11/2021

Understanding The Next-Gen Nuclear
Engineer Live, 19/11/2021

NuScale teams up with Prodigy and Kinectrics for MPS deployment
WNN, 18/11/2021

Uranium & nuclear power play a critical role in the US, 17/11/2021

Bill Gates' $4 bln high-tech nuclear reactor set for Wyoming coal site
Reuters, 17/11/2021

Nuclear-supporting infrastructure bill becomes US law
WNN, 16/11/2021

USA - Summary of Nuclear Energy Provisions in the Infrastructure Bill
Lexology, 15/11/2021

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Western Europe

NNL and DNV team up for nuclear-derived hydrogen study
WNN, 26/11/2021

German nuclear power shutdown will not lead to power shortage: report
EurActiv, 24/11/2021

UK - Hinkley Point C cleaner than renewables, study shows
WNN, 22/11/2021

UK - Calls for Sizewell C green light to continue Hinkley innovation
NCE, 22/11/2021

German coalition talks stumble over role of gas in EU taxonomy
EurActiv, 19/11/2021

Merkel: The EU is likely to promote nuclear power as a “green” investment
Market Research Telecast, 18/11/2021

Austria ready to sue EU over nuclear’s inclusion in green finance taxonomy
EurActiv, 18/11/2021

Rolls-Royce submits SMR design for UK assessment
WNN, 17/11/2021

How nuclear power plants could help solve the climate crisis
CNET, 16/11/2021

UK - Major lift completed at second Hinkley Point C unit
WNN, 16/11/2021

UK - Diffuser removed from Windscale Pile Chimney
WNN, 15/11/2021

German pro-nuclear activists make rare appearance in Berlin
EurActiv, 15/11/2021

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Eastern Europe

First contract signed for Cernavoda completion
WNN, 26/11/2021

Nuclear power in Hungary: Green, cheap and independent?
DW, 26/11/2021

Contract for Romanian lead-cooled reactor research facility
WNN, 23/11/2021

Czech nuclear security regime is robust, says IAEA
WNN, 23/11/2021

Serbia looks to nuclear as it embarks on green transition
bne IntelliNews, 22/11/2021

Westinghouse signs initial contract for Ukrainian AP1000s
WNN, 22/11/2021

Russia - Rosatom seeks to develop small NPPs with hydrogen batteries
NEI, 22/11/2021

Ukrainian review of NuScale SMR safety assessment
WNN, 19/11/2021

V4 Countries Back Nuclear Energy for Climate Protection in Joint Statement
Hungary Today, 19/11/2021

Russia - Icebreaker Sibir begins sea trials
WNN, 18/11/2021

Transfer of used fuel to Ukrainian facility set to start
WNN, 18/11/2021

Armenia - Metsamor 2 to operate until 2026
WNN, 17/11/2021

Slovenia embarking on energy transition with mix of renewables, nuclear
STA, 16/11/2021

Mongolia may begin to mine and export uranium from next year
AKI Press, 15/11/2021

Russia's biggest steelmaker looks to nuclear
WNN, 15/11/2021

Hungary - LMP Accuses Govt of Secrecy on Paks Nuclear Power Plant Upgrade
Hungary Today, 13/11/2021

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Korea - Fusion research tokamak sets new record of 30 seconds in super-hot plasma
Aju Business Daily, 22/11/2021

Japan - EDITORIAL: Entire nation should share in disposal of spent nuke fuel
Asahi Shimbun, 22/11/2021

India Needs a Big Nuclear Bet to Keep COP26 Promises
Foreign Policy, 18/11/2021

Fukushima water release will have minimal impact, Tepco says
WNN, 17/11/2021

MOX fuel from France arrives at nuclear power plant in Japan
Kyodo News, 17/11/2021

Taiwan - Nuclear plant start ‘impossible’: DPP
Taipei Times, 17/11/2021

Saudi Ministry of Energy delegation visits Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant
Emirates News Agency, 16/11/2021

East China’s Shandong uses nuclear power plant residual steam to heat homes
Global Times, 16/11/2021

Taiwan - Nuclear advocate, opponent argue over safety issues in televised forum
Focus Taiwan, 13/11/2021

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Rest of the World

Brazil advances nuclear power plans
BN Americas, 26/11/2021

Puerto Rico study and advanced reactors receive US funding
WNN, 24/11/2021

South Africa - Energy regulator says SA needs nuclear to fill 'base-load gap' as Eskom starts move from coal
News24, 24/11/2021

Egypt has entered a new era towards realizing the Egyptian nuclear dream, PM
Egypt Independent, 23/11/2021

Turkey - Sberbank provides more eloans for Akkuyu nuclear plant
NEI, 18/11/2021

South Africa - Investing in nuclear energy makes sense for energy security
ESI Africa, 15/11/2021

Egypt sets Nov. 19 as first anniversary for nuclear energy launch
Egypt Today, 13/11/2021

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