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North America

Canada - Bruce 7 prepares for isotope production
WNN, 25/01/2022

Canada - NB Power seeks unprecedented 25-year licence for Point Lepreau nuclear power station
Coast Reorter, 24/01/2022

USA - Escape room enhances emergency response training
WNN, 21/01/2022

25-year renewal for Lepreau would be a first for Canadian nuclear plants
CBC, 21/01/2022

Everyone’s least favorite climate fix? Nuclear power gets fresh look
Christian Science Monitor, 21/01/2022

Regulator authorises expansion of Canadian mill tailings facility
WNN, 18/01/2022

USA - In tiny Wyoming town, Bill Gates bets big on nuclear power
TechXplore, 18/01/2022

New Filter Doubles Nuclear Fuel Extractable from Seawater
IEEE Spectrum, 17/01/2022

IEA report on Canada welcomes SMR developments
NEI, 17/01/2022

US agency sets out 2022 cleanup priorities
WNN, 13/01/2022

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Western Europe

Germany's Habeck denounces plan to label nuclear energy 'green' in Brussels
DW, 25/01/2022

How to predict future nuclear power requirements
Phys.Org, 25/01/2022

Finland's Posiva to support Lithuania used fuel disposal
WNN, 24/01/2022

UK - Rolls-Royce launches competition to land first mini nuclear power plant site
The National, 24/01/2022

Austria, Luxembourg eye legal steps in EU nuclear energy row
DW, 22/01/2022

Sweden’s OKG to supply ‘pink hydrogen’ from nuclear facility
PEI, 21/01/2022

UK - Assystem joins HPC Commissioning Alliance
WNN, 20/01/2022

Sweden - OKG signs hydrogen supply contract
WNN, 20/01/2022

EDF considers next move after French government's energy sale plan
WNN, 19/01/2022

Austria gears up to fight EU ‘green’ nuclear energy plan
EurActiv, 19/01/2022

Rolls-Royce brings mini nuclear power plant technology to World Future Energy Summit
Business, 18/01/2022

Belgium can extend life of nuclear reactors if it acts soon, watchdog says
EurActiv, 18/01/2022

Finland - Hanhikivi 1 licensing work nears completion
WNN, 17/01/2022

EXCLUSIVE French power policy shift has left EDF in shock, CEO says
Reuters, 17/01/2022

Swedish police hunting down drone spotted at nuclear plant
EurActiv, 17/01/2022

Belgium on track to phase out nuclear power by 2025
Power Technology, 17/01/2022

Amid Energy Crisis, EU Fights Over Whether Nuclear Is Green
Foreign Policy, 13/01/2022

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Eastern Europe

Slovakia - Mochovce 3 to get commissioning licence
WNN, 26/01/2022

This is how the Russians will build Paks II nuclear plant in Hungary
Daily News Hungary, 26/01/2022

Russia - Test assembly of MBIR research reactor vessel carried out
WNN, 25/01/2022

USA to assist Estonia in nuclear capacity building
WNN, 25/01/2022

Westinghouse forms strategic partnerships with Polish firms
WNN, 24/01/2022

Deal signed for nuclear to power Russian gold mine
WNN, 21/01/2022

Hungarian nuclear degree's first for IAEA review
WNN, 21/01/2022

Rosatom on track for first land-based SMR in Yakutia in 2028
S&P Global, 20/01/2022

Rosatom and Armenia to consider construction of new nuclear power units, 20/01/2022

Hungary's Orban to discuss nuclear power project with Putin
ABC News, 20/01/2022

Lithuania to tackle Soviet-era waste store
WNN, 19/01/2022

Estonia could get a nuclear power plant says prime minister
ERR, 19/01/2022

Westinghouse allies with Czech suppliers ahead of reactor project
GCR, 19/01/2022

Rosatom in talks with 'several' Middle East countries about starting nuclear power plants
S&P Global, 19/01/2022

Decree allows further development at Russian ISL project
WNN, 18/01/2022

Ukraine situation threatens Finland’s sixth nuclear project
EurActiv, 18/01/2022

Slovenia sets date to exit coal
WNN, 17/01/2022

Slovenian study sees case for deep borehole disposal
WNN, 13/01/2022

Kotin elaborates Ukraine's AP1000 plans
WNN, 13/01/2022

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Bill Gates-backed fast-reactor effort joined by Japan heavyweights
Nikkei Asia, 27/01/2022

Indonesia - Empresarios Agrupados contracted for first ThorCon reactor
WNN, 26/01/2022

China - Pandemic delays start up of Fangchenggang Hualong One units
WNN, 26/01/2022

S. Korea to bid for Poland’s nuclear power project by March
Pulse News Korea, 26/01/2022

Bangladesh to reach new height with Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant
Business Standard, 26/01/2022

Korea - Yoon vows to scrap nuclear phaseout policy
Yonhap News, 25/01/2022

China - Core catcher casing in place at Xudabao 3 and Tianwan 7
WNN, 18/01/2022

What makes nuclear power projects work
NEI, 13/01/2022

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Rest of the World

Brazil looks to nuclear expansion
WNN, 17/01/2022

Saudi Arabia to develop nuclear power program: minister
Xinhua, 13/01/2022

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